South Beach Diet Review

South Beach Diet Review

The South Beach diet plan encourages on a low-carb diet. Unlike other diets, South Beach does not ask you to cut out carbohydrates from your meals; it is more about choosing the right carbs and fats. The program has been of great help to patients who want to lower their cholesterol levels.

How It Works

The diet consists of three phases as discussed below:

The 7-Day Reboot

The first part of the diet aims to help you reboot your body and health. At this stage, you are encouraged to eat low carb and high protein foods, meaning that you will lose weight faster than expected. You will be burning fats more quickly, and by the end of it, your cravings will have reduced. We could refer to this phase as the transition phase.

Steady Weight Loss

It is the second phase where you are expected to lose weight steadily until you reach your goals. The diet allows you to include good carbohydrates like fruits, whole grains, and veggies in your meals. More to that, you will be consuming South Beach pre-made meals. You will also be encouraged to come up with your ideas on breakfast, lunch, and dinner following the good carbs rule.

You’ve Got This

This is the final phase. After you have reached your desired weight, this phase is meant to help you maintain it. You can enjoy all types of meals but in moderation.


  • The diet is simple to follow. You will not be required to count or measure anything. The diet only gives you a list of foods you are allowed to eat, and you are supposed to do stick within limits.
  • Well balanced and healthy diet. The diet was created by people who wanted to prevent certain diseases. It does not allow junk.
  • Low saturated fats. As already mentioned the diet encourages people to consume good carbs and fats. The benefits of unsaturated fats to the body are amazing.
  • Curbs cravings. The diet allows you to consume processed or refined foods at small amounts. Such foods include bread, cakes, pasta, cookies and many more.
  • It supports weight loss. During the first phase of the diet plan, you are encouraged to eat foods which allow you to lose weight very fast. If you follow it to the end, you will become slimmer but in the right way.


  • The first phase is strict. Many people drawback at this phase.
  • It helps people to lose weight very fast which might not be healthy.
  • Some of their recipes are complex hence very demanding.

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The Truth About Losing Weight Quickly

The Truth About Losing Weight Quickly

A lot of people look for ways to lose weight quickly. They follow a particular diet or start working out regularly. Losing weight seems like it will always benefit your health when it actually doesn’t work that way.

The truth about losing weight isn’t always revealed because it would hinder the sales of many weight loss products, and would be mistaken for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some things you need to know about losing weight quickly.

It’s All About Metabolism

When you lose weight in a short amount of time, that means your metabolism is improved. When your metabolism is faster, it means that you digest your food faster and get rid of toxins more quickly, too. This is what you should focus on when you go on a weight loss diet. You should focus on how to improve your metabolism so that your body gets rid of excess fat and toxins naturally, instead of just focusing on how to lose fat. Exercising will increase your metabolism, and portioning your meals will also help your digestive system.

woman's flat stomachThere Are Side Effects

When you lose weight rapidly, your body’s response isn’t always all good. Of course, you will see great changes if you lose weight correctly, such as clearer skin and more energy. However, you may also experience dried skin and loss of power. You may also see excess skin or ‘flaps’ after you lose a lot of weight.

This is why you need to renourish your body to prevent side effects. Make sure you get enough nutrients inside your body to avoid dried skin, such as hydrating it with avocado and watery vegetables. You should also exercise regularly so that you won’t be weak and your flaps will become toned muscles.

sandwich being measuredStarving Won’t Help

Starving yourself to lose weight right away will not work. All those sayings about how when you starve yourself, your body starts eating your fat is correct but very dangerous. You are compromising the health of your digestive system, which is the second central core of your body after your brain. You can risk getting chronic acid reflux diseases that can make it hard for you to eat anything without vomiting, and the acid will create ulcers inside of your body.

This can cause internal bleeding, and lead to death. Instead of starving yourself, cut your meal portions to half your usual size and eat more regularly. Eat for every four hours since your first meal of the day. You will be hungry more often, but you will get fuller faster, which means your metabolism is improved and your stomach has a smaller capacity for digesting food.…